ALEIC - Asociación de Litigio Estratégico e Investigación Constitucional, A.C. is a non-profit civil association led by women who are dedicated to advising on human rights, who base their work on legal research and strategic litigation, in order to consolidate a normative and factual context that generates an impact - positive and beneficial - for the society.

We wanted to reflect a contemporary (yet formal) appearance of the brand due to the central axis of the association that is divided into two important points: on the one hand, academic research that allows measures to be taken to strengthen the rule of law; on the other hand, the litigation in relation to the protection of human rights in Mexican society.

We were looking for the brand a tendency focused on academic research in order to emphasize this activity, in a circular heraldry that represents protection and unity in its elements, with a lower currency that separates the concepts of "Strategic Litigation" and "Constitutional Investigation”. Inside the shield are inscribed 3 elements: the balance that means equity and equality, the code that refers to not only the rules, but the way of understanding Justice, Law and the State, and finally the laurel wreath that represents the victory of freedom.

The identity and branding project includes logo, applications and website.

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Mexico City, Mexico 2021

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