Winning pitch proposal made by CREA’s creative team for the plant inauguration event in San Luis Potosi -Mexico- in 2019, where the iconic 3 Series is going to be fabricated.

The whole proposal was presented in a hard-cover book to the people from BMW, in which we explained the whole journey for the inaugural event; from the welcome cocktail, the history of BWM, the main audio-visual event, to the dinner and the ceremony -along with the presents and all the logistics for the attendees-.

The creative concept was based on the "nierika" -which is the connection of the past to the present- in the acient Huichol culture (from Mexico), which includes a long variety of nature and organic elements such as human and animal forms, the deer as a divine entity, and the whole cosmovision of life - but adapted as a fine textures whom combined with the elegancy and cleaness of the BMW brand.

As a part of the team in the project, I collaborated with graphic design, editorial design and translation.

For BMW, by & CREA
Mexico City, Mexico 2018

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