Hum Hum is a Mexican startup of a nutrition application, which serves to connect the user with a nutritionist who guides patient's diet in an easy, accessible and low-cost way.

The logo was designed from the nominative naming derived from the onomatopoeic when enjoying the food that is being consumed (yum yum, ñam ñam etc.), which was proposed by us and successfully registered as a trademark on the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property.

We wanted to design the logo from a script calligraphy that was not elegant but more in line with pop culture due to the search for the massification of the product, with a wide and varied color palette, accompanied by a sans typeface that would work both in digital and printed formats, as well as illustrations that were used for the different identity as visual support.

For hum hum, the role of brand designer, project manager, scrum master, experience designer, interface designer, layout designer and project owner was played, so everything, from the user experience, the costumer journey, the ux journey, the information architecture, the business model, the identity, the logo, the design system and others were designed from scratch.

The project was named as a finalist in the 20XX awards of a! Diseño, and the logo was featured as a winner in the 2022 branding book Logo Lounge in it's 13th edition, which went on sale this year.

For hum-hum, by
Mexico City, Mexico 2020

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