Compilation II

The logos in this compilation were designed starting in 2018, after I had the opportunity to work in a advertising agency and had some courses in calligraphy and lettering, which helped me to improve my skills drawing letters -in some cases-.

The logos designed during this period of time are of much more varied forms and styles, which allowed me to test my skills to achieve results that have been liked by clients, from entrepreneurs to brands like Uber Eats, Unicef and Volvo.

Although I have designed most of the logos on my own, there have been others where I have had the opinion of other members of the design team, or have been designed in collaboration -like the case of Dambó, with the Mexican designer Mariana Guzman-.

If you want to see more logos, take a look at the compilation I .

Professional projects, by
Period 2018-2022

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