The UI design was made for the Puntada rewards card, owned by Corpogas company, from a flow diagram that was provided from the client, and refined and adapted to a more fluid UX and inproving the usability from the previous version.

The application helps the user to keep track of the points earned on purchases made at any of the PEMEX service stations located all over Mexico, in addition to affiliated stores such as supermarkets and restaurants.

In addition, it has a gamification system that encourages the user to use the card to accumulate more points and level up, thereby accessing more and better rewards.

Currently, the Puntada card has a robust user database that benefits from rewards with the use of the card, so it is expected that at launch it will have a minimum of 5,000 active users.

For CORPOGAS, by mauu.design
Mexico City, Mexico 2020

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