Taco Tequila

Taco Tequila started as Mexican food truck mainly focused on taco selling, located in the New York state, United States.

The identity design was based on the shape of the meat where the pastor tacos are prepared (in spanish known as el trompo del pastor), and it is used as iconic figure because it is highly visible and a perfect public attraction (also a recognizable form for Mexican people). Gothic-inspired logo is used mainly for the association with bars and liquor brands (such tequila & beer), so this cultural meaning is used to give the brand a relaxed tone which are expressed in each of their own brand applications.

Nowdays, Taco Tequila grew including another food truck to their operations, also a taco take-out local and a full cantina, located in downtown Norwalk, state of Connecticut. The client claims that the brand design has helped the business to grow since the beggining and to became a recognizable local brand.

For Taco Tequila, by mauu.design
New York, United States 2015

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