In Mexico, there is a risk that there will be a generation lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. If short, medium and long-term actions are not taken to protect girls, boys and adolescents in the country, this age group will be considerably more exposed than their predecessors to environments of violence, poverty, educational difficulties and threats to their physical health and mental. In general, the existing inequality gap in Mexico is expected to increase.

#NoTeEngañes -do not fool yourself- is an UNICEF RRSS campaign designed to raise awareness about the current situation in the world with the arrival of the coronavirus-19 in 2020 and how the pandemic has affected the daily lives of children in Mexico. It was posted late 2020 when the effects of the desease on a social level were better-known.

The campaign includes photography of photographers like Verdeespina, Tanya Bindra, Adriana Zehbrauskas, Go Studio, Mauricio Ramos, Staffcom, among others.

For UNICEF, by mauu.design
Mexico City, Mexico 2020

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